Monday, February 14, 2011

North West Summer Cup Fixtures.

Saturday the 19th of Feb – Montello
Devonport Vs Somerset – 12:30pm
Burnie Vs Ulverstone – 2:30pm


  1. should be interesting to see who fronts and who doesn't.
    Seems Burnie found a heap of Sports and Events funding to entice Sam Cocks back for another go as senior coach.
    Numbers at Somerset seem good with not too many losses and a good recruit or 2.
    6 of the young boys have just spent 4 weeks in England trialling with english club which should have been a bonus in their pre season.
    Noticed both Burnie and Somerset have had substantial ground works done over summer, lets hope Shark Park is better!

  2. Picks for saturday
    Sharks 3 Port 2
    ulvie 5 Burnie 1
    depends on who Ulvie play as last year it seemed to be mostly ressies and unders if this is the case then simply reverse the result

  3. You may have to start serious forecasting Nigel.
    Somerset 0
    Devonport 3

    Burnie 6
    Ulverstone 1

    Ulvie did not have a full team[mostly reserves]which to my opinion stinks as this event was created to give the NW clubs pre season match practice without having to travel too far.Ulvie used to be the main complainants about travel before but this has obviously changed.

  4. it seems that andy keegan has gone to beachside. was he lured there by an ex teammate or did his work situation change? i agree with your sentiment regarding ulverstones participation in the nw summer cup,however i personally would rather return to the days when all npl teams participated in the shc. it truly gave the npl a pre season competion.

  5. One of the main reasons the NW cup was started was to stop the clubs travelling evry week which is very costly these days to hire a bus.If it was held alternatively in Launc and the coast then it would have been more atractive.What would your players think if they had to travel to Burnie every several times before the roster had even started!
    Maybe we could look at some changes! Have a good day my friend.

  6. who lined up for Somerset? Good games?

  7. oh, and why no Hudson cup coverage on here?
    River beat city 3-0
    Knights and Ulvie drew 1 all
    Olympia defeated L'ton
    and yes, unfortunatly the gers lost again, 4-0

  8. Hows the captain traveling?

    Who beat the Gers - have no idea of SH Cup games etc?

    Sharks line up full of youngsters, hopefully the last few kids come back soon?
    BURNIE seem to be pretty strong again, and with good start to season will be right up there?

  9. when the steve hudson cup was inaugarate it was to be for the benefit of steves family. it no longer follows that concept, but is solely to the benefit of lton united. i have no ill feeling toward lton united but no longer see the point of clubs just giving this particular club a hand up at the start of every season. i personally would far rather see a system that had all northern clubs go in to a lotto and drawn for 2012 2013 etc .good luck to you if you are drawn early in the draw however thats life. with what would already be a larger tournament, i feel southern teams would still be keen to be party to it . i am very aware that southern teams would be more likely to enter, when a lton based side hosted, because of the fact it is more central to all.maybe that why lton should have been the capital.

  10. Beckham, I think a major sticking point for Launceston based clubs, is United are (I think) the only club that have summer Match access to their ground. City and Knights closed for touch, NTCA closed for cricket and Riverside cause West Tamar council are a pack Muppets! try arranging a practice game up here, you can either use coronation park or Birch, thats why no one changes their comp, plus, its stress free pre-arranged preseason games at little cost to clubs and doesn’t require (for us anyway) large committee input. We are quite happy to give Launceston the spoils as long as they run the cup well.

  11. Hi Boys, good to hear from you all.
    Capt: Port and Sharks both had only 1 or 2 out with Port playing Kenny, Chilla, young Mcginn, Kammy, Haddo etc and Sharks had Bobby, Wellsie, and Toby Skene in. Sharks had a fair few 15, 16 yr olds in as did Port have a couple.
    Wind biggest factor, across ground all first half then howling westerly for Port in 2nd. A 3 -4 goal breeze as usual at Montello, 0-0 at half time with Port having the better chances.
    Younger sharks beaten by better side in 2nd half, but not that much difference if teams had taken their chances.
    Didn't watch 2nd game.

  12. Great thing about the NW Cup is each club gets a nice oppportunity to raise a few funds to kick start the season.
    Hopefully all supporters and players buy raffle tickets and enjoy the clubroom hospitality as they go round.
    Hope you guys can organise something similar

  13. Oh and it's not a big committee effort as Burnie proved on saturday with just Darlene and Sheryl doing virtually all the work.

  14. Guys SHC is an iconic part of football in the state. all northern clubs used to participate for many years, then the Sharks were left as the only team entering from the NW when Greenwood was coaching, as a result other coastal teams wanted practice games, and back then the heat in Launnie was horrific so with Soccer Tas's help we initiated the NW cup. Since then some of the Southern clubs took the NW places, and both seem to be traveling along OK. Its not perfect but its what we have, just wished most clubs took it seriously and played full or near full strength teams, as it was designed. Good luck to Launnie United, they have it and hopefully keep it going for ever.

  15. Hi all
    Nigel asked me to let you all know that there will be a death notice in the Advocate for a Nigel Brown, but IT IS NOT Nigel from Somerset SC. By coincidence there were two people with the same name in hospital in Burnie at the same time, and sadly THE OTHER ONE has passed away. Given his recent medical situation, 'our' Nigel was concerned that people would think it was him. Regards
    Mark Fishwick

  16. Thanks question though...
    Does mafref stand for mafiozo ref?
    Any results from yeaterday's NW cup?

  17. Only a coincidence for the 'ref' bit - happens to be my wife's initials. Sorry, no creativity here!
    I thought all us refs were mild mannered, caring types, who got on with everybody - so no mafia involvement.
    Didn't do any games yesterday, so can't help with results

  18. Not worth the gate money this week as Burnie will wallop a very young Sharks outfit missing its top 4 players and Port will do likewise to Ulvie unless Tom decides to try out a few new faces and rest his stars for the final.
    So...Both to win by 6.
    Think I'll be painting instead.

  19. have you given it away governess ?the boys down the coast need an active forum

  20. Good question Beckham...governess must be hybernating.
    Watched games at montello today and saw D'port beat Ulv. 2-1 and Burnie beat The Sharks[they may have to change their name] 5-1[it could ha ve been 20-1 if Burnie were not target practicing from everywhere.
    Worst of all Somerset had only 10 players take the field which does not say much for your club Nigel.By the way all that talk from you about a lot of money being paid to Sam is a lot of garbage.He gets the same as last year and any more depends on acchievement bonuses....You must still love Burnie a lot.
    By the way I noticed your new coach has a new top class car!!!!!

  21. Hi Logan, love ya's all mate, just passing on gossip with the hope that a few more people might have a comment or 2 about our great sport on the coast. We've plenty at training but no one wants to register this early so with 5 or 6 away it left us short. No doubt the Sharks will be whipping boys this year but that's the problem they are virtually all boys, only 3 from last year on the park on Saturday with virtually all under 17's the rest.
    Nothing we can do about players moving on, so we will just be happy to put 11 hardworking lads on the park each week and enjoy being part of a great club.
    Oh I thought the car was Port's parting present for the service given, we can't afford those sort of things, no Sports and Events paying our bills Logan!!

  22. that 10 man somerset had 4 over 18's playing, 2 who were playing there 3rd senior game and the rest were under 18's playing a full strength Burnie who im sure will beat other teams this year with similar scores i'd say that the young ones can hold there heads up high after that effort

  23. TD your boys did very well and you have some great prospects there unless they move on for various reasons and you yourself played a very good game controlling the defence.
    Nigel I like a bit of fun myself and never take offence.Hard to understand how a club like yours does not have enough registered players 2 weeks before the leages start.Are you getting slack or are you feeding us bullshit as usual!!!!
    And finally my friend Burnie have to work hard for their money as not enough is coming from the mentioned source and am told that registration fees are an all time high.
    Wish you all the best for the coming Saturday.

  24. Thanks Logan, rego fees and team fees are continuing to rise to pay for the extra staff they keep hiring.
    Again I say that charging $485 PER TEAM for the new under 14 boys and the same for the under 15 girls in the start up year is ludicrous! Our clubs are not cash cows and it has to be reigned in before clubs simply decide to drop out of premier league and develop a local roster to play in.
    Should be a cracker of a final on Saturday, lets hope the fireworks stay under control.

  25. i do remember Nigel in the older days our Nw people on Federation would stand up and be counted and same went for the Northern guys.northern clubs would have meetings at Deloraine every month to formulate demands and strategies.
    What is happening today?Clubs are taxed very heavily whether it is affiliations ,registrations and also An FFA levy that was supposed to be very temporary and our clubs including mine and yours accept it all without any fight.
    All I will say is...bring back Kerry Dennis,John McKenna,Peter Christofi and the rest that I cannot remember and our clubs may get a better deal as what we have there today seem to be all yes men.
    Unfortunately I will be on the mainland Saturday and will miss the games.

  26. Agree Nigel and Logan, we all grizzle and moan about being "ripped off" by FFT every year, and they just keep putting it up and provide very little? However we dont have a number of guys on the board, we dont have President meetings and refuse these exorbitant fees, we just roll over and sook and watch the game lose more and more players each year?

  27. The young "10 man" squad the Sharks lined up with last Saturday did well, with a couple of youngsters being late withdrawals, they were well undermanned. The few experienced guys that were out, included Keegan Wells, Casey Eaves, Toby Skene, James Nettleton and Mitch Deal, plus a new recruit and with the possibility of last years B&F Aaron Moores and young Ackling returning from England some time soon (hopefully), they might be competitive as they were last year?

    As for Sammy at Burnie, I wish him all the best for the coming season, as I do with John at the Sharks, as we need this end of the coast to regain some form of dominance?