Monday, March 7, 2011

Governess Is Still Around And Has Been Observing A few Things Once Again Players Having Difficulties With The Refereeing Standards

Please Put Positive Input On How This Can Be Fixed Please Find Below Something For You All To Read On How To Deal With the Situation During A Game .

Try and see the Soccer play from the point of view of the Referee.When time permits,after the game or maybe at half time,Camly discuss your opinion with the referee.

Consider the position of the Referee. The duty of the referee is to ensure the safety of all the palyers on the field.He/she may not be doing a bang up job,but are they keeping all the players safe?

Last,see it as a growing opportunity.Teams never get to pick the Referees.Good teams will be able to win even with a referee that isnt in top notch. See a bad Referee as an extra obstacle that can help you improve.