Saturday, April 2, 2011

Northern Women's Premier League 3rd April 2011

Launceston City Allies V Northern Rangers Mitsubishi Park 10.30 am Launceston United V Ulverstone Red Birch Avenue 12.30pm UTAS SC V Riverside Olympic Allenby Oval 12.30pm Devonport City V Launceston City Valley Rd 12.30pm Somerset V Prospect Knights Cardigan St 12.30pm Burnie Have the Bye


Devonport V Somerset Valley Rd 2.30pm Launceston City V Northern Rangers Mitsubishi Park 2.30pm Riverside Olympic V Launceston United Windsor Park 2.30pm Burnie United V Prospect Knights Montello 2.30pm

Monday, March 7, 2011

Governess Is Still Around And Has Been Observing A few Things Once Again Players Having Difficulties With The Refereeing Standards

Please Put Positive Input On How This Can Be Fixed Please Find Below Something For You All To Read On How To Deal With the Situation During A Game .

Try and see the Soccer play from the point of view of the Referee.When time permits,after the game or maybe at half time,Camly discuss your opinion with the referee.

Consider the position of the Referee. The duty of the referee is to ensure the safety of all the palyers on the field.He/she may not be doing a bang up job,but are they keeping all the players safe?

Last,see it as a growing opportunity.Teams never get to pick the Referees.Good teams will be able to win even with a referee that isnt in top notch. See a bad Referee as an extra obstacle that can help you improve.

Monday, February 14, 2011

North West Summer Cup Fixtures.

Saturday the 19th of Feb – Montello
Devonport Vs Somerset – 12:30pm
Burnie Vs Ulverstone – 2:30pm

Monday, December 6, 2010

Northern Rangers are thrilled to announce the appointment of Stuart Lomax to the newly created position of “Director Of Youth Football”

Lomax joins the club after a year off from coaching, his last role was with Devonport Strikers as their Northern Premier Women’s coach, where he took Devonport to a runners up position in 2009, and was the only Northern coach to successfully defeat Launceston City during their recent domination of the Northern Women’s Premier League.

The role of Director of Youth Football has been created by the club, to better manage the massive pool of young talent emerging from the clubs youth system. Lomax will directly be responsible for the development and oversight of the clubs junior sides coaches, focusing on the Under 18’s, 16’s, 14’s and 12’s and ensuring all sides are playing in a manner that reflects the playing style of the senior side, thus allowing all players to be promoted up age groups if the opportunity arises, and particularly prepare the Under 18’s to step into the seniors and reserves at any point and be familiar with their responsibilities and surrounds.

Lomax will also be responsible for identifying and developing the clubs talented juniors and better equip them from an early age, both technically and physically.

The role has been created as a result of the clubs strategic meetings which have been taking place over the off season, with many more ideas being adopted from the results of the clubs member survey. This is still open and can be found on the right window of the clubs websites home page.

Stuart Lomax will work closely with the clubs senior Manager and assistant Adam Whitemore and Tony Ludby respectively , both are excited to have Lomax involved in the club in 2011.

In addition to this the club is pleased to announce that John Crooks will partner up with Mel Cuschieri to take charge of the clubs Under 18 side.

Crooks took over in 2010 after the sad passing of Jeff McHugh and we look forward to the continuation of his work in 2011, together with Mel Cuschieri.

The Under 18’s and Seniors/Reserves will begin training at the same in 2011, kicking off on Monday the 10th of January at 6pm at the NTCA following the clubs annual Cricket Series which this year will take place on Monday the 3rd of January at Trevallyn Cricket Ground.

Members and supporters are also reminded that the clubs AGM will be held on Thursday the 9th of December at the NTCA at 7:30pm

The Coaching Staff for 2011 is as follows
Senior Manager – Adam Whitemore
Assistant – Tony Ludby
Director of Youth Football – Stuart Lomax
Under 18’s – John Crooks
Assistant – Mel Cuschieri
Women’s – Ian Loft
Assistant - Vacant
Division One - TBA